Is Salt Bad for Dogs?

When It Comes To Dogs, Pass On The Salt

It’s hard for us to imagine a meal on our table without salt being added, but for dogs their tolerance for salt is much lower compared to humans and going above the limit of 3-4 grams per kilogram of body weight can wreck havoc to their health and in some cases, it can even cause premature death.

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Sodium, an essential mineral occurs naturally in whole food ingredients and is vital for a balancing the amount of fluids in your dog’s body among other functions. We know how hard it is to ignore those pleading puppy eyes however, it is time to put a halt to giving them overly processed dog food, secretly slipping table scraps to your pooch or letting them munch on human treats like bacon or sausages as a reward – and it’s all for a good reason.

What happens when my dog consumes too much salt?

Be on alert if you notice that your pal is vomiting, experiencing a loss of appetite or looking lethargic, having diarrhoea, drinking abnormal amounts of water, or excessively urinating. The situation can deteriorate quickly once her kidneys and circulatory system struggle to cope and is strained through the loss of water in its body, leading to the swelling of the body. If any of this happens, please bring your dog down to the emergency ward of your nearest veterinary clinic immediately.

Long term effects of too much salt intake can result in high blood pressure and other possible conditions such as stroke, stomach cancer, and heart disease.

Yikes! Tell me how I can prevent this from happening?

Look out for the ingredients listed on the labels for your dog’s treats. While we now know that sodium is naturally occurring, it should never be an ingredient directly added into the treat., it should never be an ingredient directly added into the treat.

Compared to commercial pet food manufacturers who use excessive amounts of sodium to boost the flavour of kibble and to encourage dogs to drink water due to the nature of dry dog biscuits, The Grateful Dog meals never contain added sodium, artificial preservatives or questionable ingredients.

Our meals contain whole animal protein in the form of premium minced meats, fresh vegetables, fruits and other nutritious wholesome ingredients.

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