A different breed of pet food

At The Grateful Pet, we provide the best pet food supplies for your furry friends to feel amazing inside and out. Our gently cooked and raw meals are the easiest way to provide 100% natural, species-appropriate pet nutrition for your cats and dogs, adhering to AAFCO & NRC nutritional standards. Our wholesome and nutrient-rich pet food features human-grade, high quality fresh ingredients, delivered throughout Singapore. Now, your buddies will never have to settle for anything less than the premium pet nutrition they deserve.

Fresh gently cooked and raw dog food singapore and fresh raw cat food singapore

Dog Food

Tail waggin’ and drool worthy fresh pet food for dogs. Take your pick from our gently cooked and raw diets made with premium quality natural and organic ingredients.

Cat Food

Raw meaty fresh pet food formulated for your sassy cats to get them fe-line fine from head to tail.

Why choose The Grateful Pet

Species Appropriate Cooked and Raw Dog and Cat Food in Singapore

Species Appropriate

Our drool-worthy fresh pet food is AAFCO balanced & NRC compliant, ensuring optimal pet nutrition. All pet food recipes comprise species-appropriate and extensively researched ingredients with high bioavailability for your pet’s nutritional needs.

Human-grade fresh pet food for dogs and cats with optimal nutrition

Real Nutrition. No Phonies.

Sourced from trusted human-grade pet food supplies, only 100% natural ingredients and superfoods are ever included into our fresh pet food. Your buddies deserves the best pet nutrition!

Frozen cooked and raw cat food and dog food in Singapore

Stickler for quality

Hygienically prepared in an AVS licensed facility, our fresh pet food is flash frozen in airtight BPA free, freezer grade packaging to lock in all of nature’s goodness and for assured food safety.

The Grateful Gives Back is our humble way of supporting our animal friends in need, through our partner shelter Causes for Animals Singapore

The Grateful Give Back

All animals deserve to be loved and cared for. That’s why a portion of each fresh pet food sale goes to Causes for Animals Singapore, our partner animal shelter.


Our obsession with fresh pet food and nutrition for dogs and cats means that only the best will do. High-quality, lean animal protein is always the core ingredient in our fresh pet food. Your four-legged besties will be digging into nutritious meals prepared with wholefoods, from the cleanest of sources.

Artificial preservatives, low grade ingredients, fillers, soy and corn? Not on our watch!

Free pet food delivery in Singapore for orders $85 and above.

A happy pet = A happy you

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