Feeding Guide

Our fresh meals pack a nutritional punch and are such a breeze to feed with this feeding chart categorized by weight.

Feed the daily amount of fresh food recommended based on your pet’s ideal body weight. As all pets are unique, the feeding guide below serves as a general recommendation for the serving size. Portion adjustments can be made based on your pet’s metabolism, general health, and activity level.

For dogs


Our fresh meals are suitable for dogs 6 months old and above. The serving size for puppies 6 – 10 months old, or those who have not reached their ideal weight should be fed 6-8% of their existing weight. For senior dogs with lower metabolism, feed approximately 3% of their current weight.

As our meals contain curcumin extract from turmeric, a highly pigmented natural ingredient, the natural yellow pigments may colour the mouth area of dogs with white/light coats. This can be removed by wiping your dog’s mouth with a damp cloth immediately after each meal.

For cats


We do not recommend free feeding your cat as this would mean leaving out food for more than one hour; allowing bacteria to grow. Feeding frequently is preferred, more-so with kittens and pregnant/nursing cats. Establishing a routine with scheduled feeding times is always beneficial for your cat.

Storage & Handling Guide

All meals are packed in BPA-free, freezer grade packaging. Through the process of flash freezing, all the natural goodness is locked in and meals are kept fresh right till the time of feeding.

The Grateful Pet Cooked Chicken Dog Food In Bowl

Gently cooked

To store, keep frozen (-18°C). To feed, thaw in the chiller overnight. As these meals are fully cooked, no further cooking is required. Soak pouch in warm water for optional reheating, but do not re-cook or microwave. Opened pouches can be kept sealed, or in an airtight container in the chiller for up to 48 hours. Do not refreeze.


To store, keep frozen (-18°C). To feed, thaw in the chiller overnight. Wash all utensils, surfaces and hands thoroughly with soap and water after any contact with raw food. Do not re-cook or microwave. Opened pouches and tubs can be kept sealed, or in an airtight container in the chiller for up to 24 hours. Do not refreeze.

Transitioning over to The Grateful Pet

Ideally, transitioning foods for your cat or dog should happen gradually over 5-7 days, and longer period for pets with sensitive stomachs. A transition over to The Grateful Pet diet for your pet who can tolerate most new foods may look like this:

Day 1: 35% new diet and 65% old diet

Day 3: 70% new diet and 30% old diet

Day 5: 100% new diet

Looser stools and/or mild diarrhoea may happen depending on how rapidly the dietary transition is made. A longer, more gradual transition period of up to 14 days is highly recommended for pets with more sensitive stomachs.

Forgot to thaw? No sweat!

For fast thawing, submerge unopened frozen meal pouch or tub in room temperature water until food is soft.