Beagle and Boston Terrier Sitting Down

The two that started it all

Growing up around cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, frogs and even a chameleon, our co-founders, Rachel and Sandee experienced the joys of their companionship and the sorrow of saying goodbye to them.

Though their beloved pets can never be replaced, this animal-loving duo was brought together by their desire to do something meaningful for their companions, Lucy the Boston terrier, and Clash the beagle. Their goal? To uncover the best diet for their dogs that will provide them with the healthiest and fullest of lives on earth.

After learning about the damaging effects of ultra processed pet food, they swore off ever feeding kibble to their dogs. Soon after, the pair dedicated their spare time to tirelessly researching different recipes and finding the best combination of ingredients for their dogs, ultimately culminating in the creation of fresh dog food.

The transformative journey of preparing fresh meals themselves not only brought them joy and confidence but also delivered profound health benefits to their dogs. Lucy, previously underweight, experienced a robust and healthy transformation, while Clash also found relief from persistent ear infections and rashes.

Established in 2017 as The Grateful Dog, the company rebranded to The Grateful Pet in 2021 to align with its expanded nutritional offerings of complete and balanced fresh pet food for both dogs and cats.

The Grateful Pet adheres to AAFCO standards, conducting lab tests and vet reviews on their nutritious pet food to ensure meticulous formulation. Rigorously vetted by four-legged taste testers, our all-natural, healthy meals for dogs and cats stand testament to our commitment to providing the best possible life for pets through nutrition.

When you purchase through The Grateful Pet, you not only enhance the well-being of your pets but also contribute to The Grateful Give Back initiative, a philanthropic endeavor that supports local animal shelters.

Recognizing the tireless efforts of non-profit animal shelters and rescue organizations in Singapore, The Grateful Pet aims to facilitate proper care for more animals, enabling them to find loving homes and receive essential medical attention. We understand that without this network of support, homeless dogs and cats face challenges in finding the care and love they deserve.