Fun Indoor Games You Can Play With Your Dog

‘There’s no place like home.’ – or in this case, there’s no place safe like home during this period. More time at home also translates to extra quality time with our dogs. Have you come across social media posts whereby pets are so elated with their owners being at home? In fact, one 7-year old dachshund in United Kingdom sprained his tail from wagging it too much out of happiness1!

With almost no place to bring our pals out to, why not make time at home more fun and rewarding? Here are some mentally-stimulating games and activities for dogs that you can try out:



1. Tennis Ball and Muffin Tin Game2

All you need for this game would be tennis balls, a muffin tin and some small training treats. This simple game encourages your buddy to use its senses.

Step 1: Place the treats in the muffin tin

Step 2: Place tennis balls in muffin cups to hide the treats

Now, watch as your buddy plans a strategy to remove the balls and score the treats!



2.Tic Tac Toe (or should we say, Treats Tac Toe 😉)3

A classic game of Tic Tac Toe, but involving your buddies this time! Upon devouring each treat, you can then decide whether to mark an ‘X’ or ‘O’ in the individual grids.

Step 1: Draw up a Tic Tac Toe grid

Step 2: Put a dog treat in each square

Step 3: Invite your buddy to play until somebody wins


Instagram – Milperthusky

3. Indoor agility course4

With restricted time outdoors, physical activity time might be reduced for your pup. Having an indoor agility course could keep your buddy mentally stimulated as it encourages their focus, and also, helps them clock in exercise time that they might be missing out on as well!

Though it might sound complicated, but an agility course could be set-up with simple, every day objects such as large boxes, towels or even stuffed toys. For instance, having your dog jump over towels or weave through the toys. In relation to COVID-19, owners are even making obstacles courses out of toilet rolls!5 The toilet rolls are stacked and their dogs are expected to leap over them as hurdles.



Pawsh Magazine and Studio

4. Cup Game6

Typically associated to tricksters – this is one game that you can challenge our buddy’s minds positively.

Step 1: Carefully line up the cup in a straight row

Step 2: Grab a treat bit, hold it to show your buddy

Step 3:  Lift one of the cups, place the treat beneath it

Step 4: Move the cup slowly and dramatically to get your dog curious

Step 5: Stop shuffling and let your dog guess which shell has the treat. He gets the treat if he gets it right. If not, the game starts again



Dogs watching television
Unsplash – Kevin Turcios


5. Movie Time

Remember the scene from 102 Dalmatians whereby the dogs were all laying and watching ‘Lady and Tramp’? Dogs do not see quite see television the way we do, but there are some dogs that seem to recognise the movement on the screen and become excited. Sounds from the TV can be heard and might interest your dog. Look at how some of these dogs reacted to the live-action version of Lady and Tramp!7

Other than those listed, there are still an array of activities to be explored, such as hide-and-seek, counting, treasure hunting and learning new tricks. Let us cherish this bonus time we have with our buddy and make this period more meaningful.