The Benefits of Bone Broths for Dogs and Cats

Nothing beats a good ol’ bowl of broth! That goes the same for both our furry friends as broth is something that can also be enjoyed by dogs and cats. Not only is bone broth enticing to most pets, it also has numerous nutritional and health benefits. Bone broth isn’t your average stock. It’s cooked for a much longer time – as a result, it’s rich in beneficial compounds such as chondroitin, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and naturally occurring collagen. From chicken to even salmon bone broths, it is a tasty and convenient natural drink to hydrate your pets, maintain joint and gut health, and incorporate into any liver detox protocol. Read on to learn more about bone broths and the benefits of it for dogs and cats!

What Makes Our Bone Broth Special? 

Our bone broth collagen for dogs and cats is gently simmered over 48 hours to extract as much nutrients as possible from our 100% natural ingredients. Beneficial compounds include chondroitin, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and naturally occurring collagen can be found in our broths. Each broth also has its own specially added herb or superfood such as rosemary for beef, thyme for pork, bonito for salmon, and reishi mushroom for chicken. These added ingredients bring a number of benefits for your pet. For example, rosemary is great for its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties to prevent free-radical-causing cancer, and aid in digestive issues.

Nutritional & Health Benefits for Dogs & Cats

Chondroitin helps to maintain synovial fluid viscosity to aid joint support and is also an important building block for cartilage, overall maintaining your pet’s optimum joint health. Meanwhile, MSM helps to reduce bone, hip and joint inflammation, while boosting the immune system and relieving muscle and joint pain at the same time. Lastly, naturally occurring collagen helps support digestion, joint health, soft skin and coats.

In addition to the numerous health benefits provided by our nutritious bone broth, it also serves as a good source of hydration for dogs and cats. Cats tend to drink water less due to their blunted thirst sensitivity when compared to dogs, which can result in more cases of dehydration when it comes to cats. Therefore, adding bone broth to their meals is a good option to not only increase the palatability of their food but also increase hydration in their bodies.  

How To Feed?

Our bone broths are suitable for daily consumption for healthy pets. For those who are diagnosed with urinary tract health issues, our bone broth is safe to be incorporated into their meals and water bowl to be given any time of the day, as our bone broth has no added sodium and is packed full of glycine, which is what the liver uses in order to detox. Broths can be given at mealtime by serving it with your pet’s meals. You can pour it on top of the food or mix it with their usual food. However, to encourage pets to drink more water, bone broths can be given on its own or diluted slightly with some filtered water. Broths can also be frozen into smaller cubes and given as an icy treat as well. 

The Grateful Pet offers various bone broths such as cage-free chicken broth collagen, crate-free pork bone broth collagen, grass-fed beef bone broth collagen and salmon and bonito bone broth. Bone broths are a delicious yet nutritious way for your best friends to consume more liquids throughout the day. Try now!


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